Sunday, October 23, 2011

A new addition

So it's been a few months! After surgery and a few updates it seems like I went AWOL on the blog. It happens... we all hit those parts of the year that we can't possibly blog as much as we'd like. Life started going so fast after my two week follow up from surgery.
If you've followed my medical journey at all you know I've had some trouble with my health and specifically the girly kind. We weren't sure what it would mean for our family & the potential of having kids. Well, one thing I left out of the updates was that our doctor told us at the two week check-up that we needed to start trying for a baby immediately. Although it wasn't a complete shock, it was a bit of reality. She said I had a small window of time after the surgery to take advantage of some things she did to improve my chances. After that, she wasn't sure how possible it would be. We always knew this was the case but it definitely put the pressure & prayers into effect.
Well... we're lucky! She was right. She did a great job setting us up for success and I'm happy to report....
We're due in April of 2012! I have no doubt that this baby is the result of a gluten free diet & the work of my amazing new doctor. We're so excited and feel so thankful to have supportive family, friends and doctors who helped make this possible.
I'm hoping to post more often but this is the busiest time of my year. I'm working full-time, teaching at the university at night & juggling a few awesome freelance clients (and wanting to be asleep or eating 24/7). So the posts may be few and far between but I promise to try and keep up! There have been so many fun food discoveries to share & I miss my blogger/twitter peeps!
I hope everyone had a great weekend! If anyone out there has some good tips to handle pregnancy sickness on a gluten free diet, please share!!! I've been living off of a prescribed anti-nausea medication and Udi's bagels with peanut butter but it doesn't always work. I really wish I could just eat saltine crackers! But hey - it's temporary right? :)