GF Products I ❤


Cherrybrook Kitchen Pancake & Waffle mix: (has lots of sugar, use sparingly) found at Whole Foods

Udi’s gf granola: I usually eat yogurt & a bit of granola for breakfast with a hard boiled egg :) - found at Whole Foods

Van’s frozen Gluten Free Waffles, French Toast sticks or Pancakes: I keep some of these on hand for when I’m running late for breakfast - you can find these at Whole Foods, Kroger or Publix

Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Oats - obviously at Trader Joe’s

Udi’s muffins are scrumptious - Whole Foods & some Publix stores

Rudi’s makes my favorite multigrain or original bread, hot dog & hamburger buns - Whole Foods

Udi’s French, Multigrain & Baguette rolls - Whole Foods

Daura Estrella - Publix, Kroger, Whole Foods

Omission: makes an amazing Pale Ale - Whole Foods

Green’s: these are high gravity microbrews and there’s a good variety: - Midtown Spirits on Church, Downtown

Redbridge: This is my least favorite gluten free beer. However, it’s the most widely available. It’ll do in a pinch and restaurants will probably carry it. - found everywhere

Bard’s - Whole Foods & some Kroger stores

Honeyville Almond Flour

Rice, Sweet Rice & Tapioca flours: I buy these from our local asian market. They’re only $1.50 per pound there.

C4C: Thomas Keller helped created a gluten free flour. They sell it at Williams-Sonoma

All other flours: I’ve done a lot of cost comparison and Whole Foods still comes out close to all of the internet sources I’ve used before. They have the best variety as well.

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