Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What a year!

I feel like it's been the longest year of my life. The best and the longest. For those of you that followed my health journey at one point or another, you know that I had been juggling lots of different issues. But in August of last year we found out we were pregnant! We were so ecstatic! We weren't sure it would ever happen and had been told we had a very small window of time to make it happen following my surgery. We felt so blessed and that sense of gratefulness carried us through some really trying times throughout the pregnancy. We were on constant pins and needles because of some complications, I was on bedrest for 5 months and had more ultrasounds than I can even remember (actually, it was over 20 ;). There were a few times we didn't think she was going to make it but we just kept loving her and trying to keep the faith. On the night of May 1, after 28 hours of labor, we finally got to meet our supergirl. Words cannot express the joy, relief and love that followed. I had my family by my side and my best friend Sarah, who came from Atlanta to be there.  I'm a lucky girl. Even though we had some bumps in the road, there are people who have much bigger problems to get through with their little ones. So at the end of the day, I know how lucky we truly were that she ended up so happy & healthy in the end.
So without further sappiness, I'd like to introduce Faith Novelle Maglothin. Yes, we named her Faith and we couldn't think of a name more fitting. I'm not going to publicly share the details of my pregnancy or her birth story here but I'd be happy to talk about it with anyone who might be having similar issues and need encouragement.
Here's our sweet girl:
and here's a sneak at her nursery! I'll be doing a blog post about it soon! And of course I have to make a shameless plug for my friend and former student, Kelsey Freeman, who shot our family photos! You can check out more photos of Faith and see Kelsey's work at:
Well - I'm in the middle of a break from making gluten free boston creme donuts so I better go check my dough. Look for that post to be up soon!