Sunday, March 20, 2011

A perfect day

Today was beautiful! As I mentioned before, last night was a really late night so I got a late start today... as in a 1:30pm wake up from my dog. That never happens. I'm such an old woman these days and if I go out, I'm still home by 10:30 or 11 at the latest. It's pretty sad. But last night's occasion deserved it so I had a lot to get done once I was up!
I started with breakfast & then working in the garden. Here's what it unfortunately looked like when I started:
There were a lot of things to clean out but after about two hours it

Finally home!

Oh my gosh am I glad to be home with my own kitchen! I still wish I was with Tim because truly, home is wherever I'm with him, but I do cherish this time on my own as well. This morning was a late one! I had a bachelorette party for a dear friend and was out till the wee hours of the morning. When I finally woke up I was so excited to have some good food in the house for breakfast. I went to Whole Foods yesterday and just relished in the ability to buy whatever I wanted and needed (within budget ;) but the best part was knowing where everything was... and knowing that I had so many healthy choices. Shopping in Asia is definitely a world apart, some for the better & some not, but I'm happy to be back at home where I can drive to the store, shop & drive home. You forget how lucky we are to have that ability. Carrying groceries on the subway for two hours roundtrip got tiring.
This morning consisted of one of my favorite breakfasts... bacon ;) I'm not a huge meat eater but I will never be able to part ways with bacon. Especially Whole Foods peterson's honey bacon:
Add some vanilla goat yogurt with fresh organic pineapple & you have my favorite (gluten, cow dairy, soy, sugar & corn free) breakfast:
Have a great day everyone! I'm headed out to the garden to resurrect it. It's almost planting time!!
p.s. I'm not done posting about my trips but it is definitely taking a long time to digest everything and the thousands of pictures. I am going to try and get two more done this week!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Naumi Hotel - Singapore

Since I'm staying in a hostel on campus for most of the Hong Kong trip, we decided to spend our few days in Singapore in style. The Naumi hotel is more than style, it's customer service, beauty, location & high class asian flavor all in one! This is a hotel that will (unforunately for my bank account) be a benchmark of value for future stays.
I booked through which is the Small Luxury Hotels association. It's not the best place to get the lowest price but they have a rate match system and you can use their website of boutique collection hotels as your guide to looking elsewhere online. However, we did book

Monday, March 7, 2011

Guide to Gluten Free Singapore - day 1

Hello all! Just got back from our Singapore trip & I have lots to update you on! Since this blog is primarily about food I'll start with that & talk about our tourist adventures later! My apologies ahead of time for the subpar iPhone pictures... The good camera didn't make it everywhere!
First, a little about the food culture in Singapore...
S'pore is one of the most diverse places I've ever been. There are so many choices in food that it's really overwhelming at first. Their ideals of American food are interesting and definitely misguided at times. But who comes to S'pore for American food? I'm sure the expats who live there are happy for the Tony Roma's & Applebees in the mall but we didn't travel there to eat at places we can go to in Nashville.
When we got to the Hong Kong International airport we were starving. We were about to be on a flight for four hours & figured we should eat first. we were also flying an Asian "budget" airline, Tiger Airways, and they charge for any food & drink. We walked to our departure terminal and found a Precious Congee restaurant in the food court. My husband had the pork meatball congee:

& I had a BBQ pork rice roll:

You're probably saying... "what in the world are those?"
Congee is like a hot, steaming rice porridge. They put veggies & meatballs in it & it's completely gluten free!
My pork BBQ rice rolls were exactly as they sound... a soft sheet of rice filled with pork. I really loved it! Be sure to mention "no soy" because if

Good for the soul

I have so many things left to blog about it's ridiculous! But right this second I wanted to say... This trip has been amazing for my soul. Not only because I get to spend some time with the man I love so ridiculously it hurts - but because it's completely outside my comfort zone. It's something I don't do enough & hope I will do more now. I'm sitting on the subway (mtr) in Hong Kong heading into town on my own. A town I've never been in before & a town where very few people can communicate with me. I'm looking out the windows to this amazing, wondrous place filled with tradition, family & its own brand of beauty. It makes me think about the vastness & history of other cultures I have yet to wonder about. There's just so much out there in this world that it's happily overwhelming. This trip has not been without it's frustrations & hiccups but for now I'm going to plug back into my Mumford & Sons iPhone soundtrack, pull out my camera again & try my hardest to discover & document the beauty of this trip to my soul.

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