Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Naumi Hotel - Singapore

Since I'm staying in a hostel on campus for most of the Hong Kong trip, we decided to spend our few days in Singapore in style. The Naumi hotel is more than style, it's customer service, beauty, location & high class asian flavor all in one! This is a hotel that will (unforunately for my bank account) be a benchmark of value for future stays.
I booked through which is the Small Luxury Hotels association. It's not the best place to get the lowest price but they have a rate match system and you can use their website of boutique collection hotels as your guide to looking elsewhere online. However, we did book
through and it came with amazing upgrades. We booked a deluxe room but upon arrival, received an upgrade to the corporate suite. Being an SLH member also provided free breakfast for two daily, complimentary champagne upon arrival & a welcome fruit basket. It was an amazing place to stay and I'll let the pictures do the talking:


  1. Hello! Came across your blog while googling about Naumi Hotel. I have some queries about the hotel and I think you're the best person to approach since you've experienced it before! (:

    I would like to know if there is a hotplate provided in your corporate suite, and if it is able to cook foods, and if pans and all are provided to use on the hotplate?

    Also, what did you think about the suite? I'm interested in booking it for my birthday party and would like some comments about it. Thank you in advance!! ((:

  2. Emailing might be best for this! You can reach me at if you prefer.
    Yes! There is a hotplate as well as a microwave,toaster, instant hot water pot & nespresso machine. The hotplate works well for cooking but there are only two plates, silverware, etc. I would ask them for more as well as ask them for cooking utensils.
    How many people are you inviting? It isn't a small room (for rooms in Singapore) but the common areas are a little narrow for something like a party. Depending on the amount of people you're hosting I'd definitely talk to them about the rooftop deck. It was by far our favorite place in the hotel. They have capability to serve food, bring in a full bar, the infinity pool is perfect - we spent MANY hours up there at night just drinking wine, talking & it was my husband's favorite place to smoke a cigar.
    The staff there are so incredibly accommodating & courteous. I know they can help you make something happen that will be great. Let me know how many people you're thinking about and I can give you a guess on whether you'd be comfortable in the room!

  3. Hey! I've emailed you already, tell me what you think! (: