Monday, March 7, 2011

Guide to Gluten Free Singapore - day 1

Hello all! Just got back from our Singapore trip & I have lots to update you on! Since this blog is primarily about food I'll start with that & talk about our tourist adventures later! My apologies ahead of time for the subpar iPhone pictures... The good camera didn't make it everywhere!
First, a little about the food culture in Singapore...
S'pore is one of the most diverse places I've ever been. There are so many choices in food that it's really overwhelming at first. Their ideals of American food are interesting and definitely misguided at times. But who comes to S'pore for American food? I'm sure the expats who live there are happy for the Tony Roma's & Applebees in the mall but we didn't travel there to eat at places we can go to in Nashville.
When we got to the Hong Kong International airport we were starving. We were about to be on a flight for four hours & figured we should eat first. we were also flying an Asian "budget" airline, Tiger Airways, and they charge for any food & drink. We walked to our departure terminal and found a Precious Congee restaurant in the food court. My husband had the pork meatball congee:

& I had a BBQ pork rice roll:

You're probably saying... "what in the world are those?"
Congee is like a hot, steaming rice porridge. They put veggies & meatballs in it & it's completely gluten free!
My pork BBQ rice rolls were exactly as they sound... a soft sheet of rice filled with pork. I really loved it! Be sure to mention "no soy" because if
you don't, they'll pour it on top! I luckily had brought my packets of gf soy sauce with me so that helped the flavor a lot!! After lunch we boarded the plane & headed to S'pore.
We arrived around 6 and it was 8:30 before we were checked into the Naumi Hotel. It's the first time I've taken a trip & not planned anything out- so we went food hunting!
Our first meal was Turkish. We were out exploring and found a place called Sobra. It was amazing! They completely understood my gluten intolerance & the spices they used were amazing. I honestly haven't had food that well "spiced" or rather seasoned ;) we started with some of the best red lentil soup I've ever had:

After that I got the lamb with a creamed potato & cheese dish:

Dinner was followed with a little dessert of unsweetened chocolate pudding... perfect for me! Overall, we both said we'd go back there in a heartbeat. It was a great first meal!

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