Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Late night dinner scrounged from the kitchen!

Sometimes I lose the motivation to cook for myself. Tonight I just wanted to scrounge up whatever I could. I found some brown rice, spinach, bacon, onion & avocado. Then I remembered I found this gem at the International Market:
Yep! Fried Garlic! I've recently been intrigued by asian ingredients. I love looking around the International Market on Belmont Blvd when I'm there for lunch. This week I found Palm sugar for only

I have a sickness... I like to photograph my food.

I am having a “me” day today. I really needed it! I’ve got lots of dr appointments this week and my husband left yesterday for Hong Kong. He’s gone until mid-May so needless to say I’m a little sad. But it’s going to be a great adventure for him and I get to go visit!
I took the day off, slept in, got a massage, went to my favorite fabric store & got lunch (again) from A Matter of Taste takeout. It’s been the best day in a long time! If you ever need an intensive acupressure massage with someone incredibly intuitive go see Sith at Urban Oasis. It’s on Belmont Blvd hidden across