About Me

Join me in my adventure to get my health back! After surgeries for sinus problems, ovarian cysts and endometriosis (all by the age of 29), I hit a point of frustration with the quality of my life and had to make a change. I made the decision to learn more and do what I could to fight my failing immune system as naturally as possible. I’ve gone organic, eliminated gluten, soy & most dairy. I also receive acupuncture treatments and herbs. 
We all know it isn't easy but the rewards so far have been amazing! I feel like my body is starting to love me back instead of fighting me. I feel so passionate about this transition in my life that I want to share it with others who might be experiencing a transition themselves. 
One thing's for sure - I'm not a writer but I'm a normal person, just like many others, who is looking for ideas on how to live well and do it on a budget! I'll be posting recipes, gardening adventures, deals on GF foods, travel tips & interesting articles & occasionally ask my other GF friends to guest blog!