Thursday, April 15, 2010

Contemplating the move to Casein Free

I really need some honest feedback from the Casein Free community(is it cassein or casein?)! When I was first researching this switch to being gluten free I knew cutting out dairy (casein) would probably be next. In cutting out gluten, I felt better and reacted so badly when I ate something I shouldn't have. I thought it would be enough but lately I've been having some lingering small problems with sinuses, asthma and general body aches. My immune system is still not up to snuff even though the gf diet has helped tremendously.
My acupuncturist suggested trying to cut out dairy. As many of you know, it was another overwhelmed moment. I feel like I've just started getting the hang of things with my gf diet, and I really am having a hard time getting motivated to cut out dairy. I'm already lactose free but I love a big glass of organic milk. I have been reading that people who can't digest lactose have a much higher probability to be allergic to casein as well. I know it will be worth it... the little lingering health problems and "foggy brain" I get after I drink milk are worth getting rid of, I'm just a little overwhelmed.
What is everyone's experience with this? Have you also gone dairy free? If you have any good resources for me to check out please pass them along!

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