Friday, August 6, 2010

A late night Favorite Friday!

Whew! Life really can get so busy that you just forget to do some of the things you love.... it's sad really but I guess if we didn't get busy sometimes we wouldn't appreciate relaxation would we?
I realized tonight that I hadn't done a Favorite Friday in several weeks. It took me two seconds to decide what today's item was... spaghetti squash!!!

I don't know what rock I've lived under for almost 30 years but I had NEVER EVER had a spaghetti squash! How is this possible?
As I transition into a diet that loosely follows the SCD diet (Specific Carb Diet),  I've yet again been on the search for healthy alternatives to my favorite foods. When I read at an awesome blog ( that spaghetti squash tasted kinda like pasta and not much like squash I was intrigued.
I was instantly on the search for this elusive item I had never heard about. Surely it wasnt just at the grocery store and I've passed it a hundred times? Sure enough... I called Publix and they had one! The produce girl on the phone could tell how strangely excited I was and offered to save the last one for me behind the counter.
The husband and I cooked it up Wednesday night and it was delicious! I wouldnt say it doesnt have a squash taste but it definitely is amazing. Who knew there was a squash that when cooked, would turn all stringy like pasta and taste so great!

Here's how we cooked it:
1) Heat the oven to 375
2) Cut the squash in half with a sharp knife. They're pretty tough so put some muscle into it!

3) Remove the seeds from the middle - it's just like a pumpkin but way less seeds.

4) Coat the inside with a tablespoon or two of oil. I used olive oil but grapeseed would be fine too.
5) Season with salt or any herbs you want. I stuck to plain salt because we wanted the leftovers to be pretty generic so we had more options.
6) Put both halves face down on a cookie sheet and bake for about an hour. You can tell when it's done by poking the skin with a fork. If it's soft and easy to pierce, you're done!
7) Scoop out the insides with a fork and see the magic happen:

To make it a meal, we threw together some GF chicken andouille sausages and shrimp in lemon juice & a few herbs:

And Voila! An awesome meal without grains, flours or unnecessary carbs/sugar. This veggie is so perfect for people on an diabetic or specific carb diet because it doesnt spike your blood sugar like pasta.

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