Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The first peas are in! Some garden photos...

Not much to say, I just want to share some photos from my garden! I had a few photos left on a roll of film leftover from the weekend so I made a trek to the garden to photograph what's growing so far. Here's the first of the peas - they're the first vegetables I've ever grown!!!

The Zuchinni is taking over!!:
and one of some hay just for fun!


  1. So jealous! We've had crazy weather in Idaho and all of my tomatoes, peppers and herbs died. :(

  2. The same thing almost happened to me! We had a really crazy flood here in Nashville and a lot of people lost their lives and homes. I thought for sure that my garden was gone when I got back home but even though it was under water for a while, it recovered really well. Our house, yard, everything was fine! We were very very lucky! I couldn't believe it!