Friday, July 9, 2010

Favorite Friday: daiya dairy free, soy free, vegan cheese

Daiya has made it so much easier to be dairy/soy/gluten free and still enjoy things like homemade pizza and omelets! I'm excited to make it my favorite friday and hopefully spread the word to some of you who've been looking for a cheese replacement that actually melts and
tastes great! Personally, the way it looks when it melts took some getting used to but the taste never did!

From their site:

Daiya is made with only the best planet based ingredients;
For you…
Everyone wants to make choices that help them look and feel their best. Veggie based foods as part of an overall healthy diet provide the nutrients vital for the well being and maintenance of your body. They can reduce risk of some chronic diseases by keeping your cholesterol and saturated fat intake down.

For the planet…
Choosing just one plant based meal a week can make a difference! A small change goes a long way to reduce your carbon footprint and slow down climate change. It’s time to tread lightly on our planet!

It’s what’s NOT inside that makes it so great
Daiya does not contain many of the common allergens including; Soy, Dairy (Casein or Lactose) Gluten, Egg, Wheat, Barley, Whey, and Nuts.

Everybody Loves Free!
Daiya is FREE of artificial ingredients, preservatives, hormones & antibiotics. Why? Because it tastes and performs great without! How? That's our secret!
I get it at Whole Foods here in Nashville but they have a store locator on their site:

It's about $5 per bag which is not incredibly bad if you're used to buying high quality shredded cheese at Whole Foods anyway. And it's definitely worth it if you've been craving that homemade pizza without the sad aftereffects.
Have a great weekend!! :-)

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