Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I love playing in the dirt!

It's almost Spring! I've filled the house with sunflowers, daffodils & zinnias. Fresh flowers are a weakness for me. They remind me that there are so many happy, beautiful things to notice in our everyday, rushed lives. Also, last weekend I got started on the garden! I recently posted about cleaning out the garden itself, but this weekend I got started with planting seeds in my jiffy greenhouse. All of my seeds are organic but I couldn't seem to find any starter pods that were organic. Oh well, you do what you can right?
This year I've decided to scale back what I'm growing. I'm not making the garden smaller, just giving it more room to breathe! My biggest mistake last year was crowding the rows with too many things. I learned that I don't have enough room for vine vegetables and that squash & zuchinni will rot VERY quickly if they dont have the correct amount of room.

This year's garden will include:
Brussel Sprouts

Brandywine & other heirloom tomatoes
Cherry & grape tomatoes
1 squash plant (in order to give it room)
1 zucchini plant
bell peppers
anaheim peppers
jalapeno peppers
banana peppers


I'm using the same Jiffy Greenhouse this year but bought replacement pods. It has a plastic lid and helps retain the heat & moisture needed for germination. I'm also using the same seeds as last year! There's no use in buying new seeds when I spent so much on them last year. So far, I've only spent $5 on the replacement dirt pods for the greenhouse. Everything else is being reused from last year!

I'm excited to see the little sprouts & get back out there in the garden! Now if we could only get our Nashville weather to make up it's mind... it feels like a different season everyday!

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