Sunday, June 26, 2011

Doctors, detoxes, the liver & surgery (part 2)

(continued from part 1...)
With nothing else to do, I took the appointment that was 3 weeks away. After a week, I was in so much pain I could barely stay at work. I called the doctor's office to see if there was a cancellation list I could be put on. Turns out God was looking out for me because they called a few hours later with an open slot.
Meeting my new surgeon was great! She was bright, cheerful but to the point. It was when she laid everything out about how differently she wanted to treat things that I was really surprised. She made a comment that I wouldn't be put back on the same medication as before. She said it inherently didn't function the way I needed it to for endometriosis. Essentially I've been on the wrong thing for almost two years. It's no
wonder I'm going through surgery again.
Also, my last surgery was done with a laser. The endometriosis was essentially "ablated" or burned to prevent further growth. The problem with that was the laser can only burn onto certain tissues/organs. My endometriosis had spread to areas that couldnt be treated. My new surgeon said she doesn't use a laser, she cuts the tissues with an excision process.
I had read a lot about excision but hadnt found any surgeons in Nashville who actually do it. It seemed like a lost option for me because everywhere I had found that option, it wasnt covered by my insurance. I felt great and a little lucky to hear that she was going to be more aggressive about it. We walked away with an understanding that her scheduler would be calling with potential dates.
The next day, I got the call. July 18th was the earliest I could get in. That was 6 weeks away. It culdnt be done any sooner because my case would require two surgeons. I didnt really know how to feel. I was in a lot of pain and what would I do to function normally until then? But with no other option, I sucked it up and went on with life. Advil became my best friend and when that stopped, I called the nurse. She called in lortab and they thought that would settle everything.
Obviously I'm frustrated but through it all, I consider myself lucky. This is a quality of life disease, not a life threatening one. Everyday I remind myself that even though I feel pushed around with all of these potential solutions and decisions to make... at least I have options right?
Still, I felt like something fundamental was missing. I decided that although I know my cysts are beyond the point of disappearing, I could absolutely keep trying to find a doctor that didn't just give me pain meds. The first try at Integrative Medicine resulted in only half solutions but in the back of my mind, I kept hearing a voice that said - give it one more shot. So I did. And no matter the result, I'm so glad I did. I called the Mind Body Medical Center at Edgehill Village and made an appointment with Dr. Reisman.
If you're still following and not asleep or confused yet, I'll continue the saga in part 3 ;)

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