Saturday, June 11, 2011

Meet Bama - the gluten free dog

My sweet, sweet Bama is 7 years old this week!! And of course we spoiled her with the annual birthday treat & scooby-doo hat party. Every year she tolerates wearing her party hat as long as she gets a great treat out of it! But before you judge and say "wow, they obviously don't have kids..." just know that this dog has been around for more of my life than my husband has and we've been through a lot together. I can attribute a lot of the happiness in my life to her. She's an amazing spirit and I'm lucky to have her!

This year we got her a gluten free birthday cake from See Spot Eat. Why gluten free? Well, the basic truth is... she was smelly. Really smelly. A few years ago, we were fed up with what was coming from our beloved
dog. I thought surely, all dogs must be this gassy right? I was definitely wrong. It only took us one week of changing her food to a grain free variety to see the miraculous difference in her. She was happier, (as were we ;) she had more energy & her hair looked shiny & healthy. She no longer smoked our friends out of rooms. Hooray!

The hubby finds it funny that both his wife & his dog are gluten free... who knew? My dog and I were both suffering from the same problem for years without knowing it!
Well I'm happy to report that she's just as stubborn, happy and healthy as ever. She's also really good at making this patheticly cute, whiny, anticipation face:
  but at least she got a new bandana for her birthday so she looks even cuter when she begs:
What she really wanted was this bed from in taupe:
But maybe next year!
If you want to know more about the grain free food from Canidae click here. It's been a blessing!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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