Sunday, February 14, 2010

Flax Seed French Toast for Valentines day!


Lately my husband and I have tried to eat really well at breakfast. For Valentines Day, we made an exception! I had just picked up some of my favorite flax seed bread from The GreenWagon in East Nashville yesterday and I really wanted to make him some French Toast.
When I decided to make the switch to being GF he surprised me and said he was going to do it too! It really helps to have a completely GF kitchen and I can't even tell you how supportive he's been throughout this whole process. Needless to say, I love finding GF recipes that taste as normal as possible, not just for me, but for him as well.
This Flax Seed French Toast was awesome! I used about 4-5 local, free range eggs (from Whole Foods) and added nutmeg, cinnamon, a little milk & vanilla extract. One thing I learned was to use real butter and not margarine in the pan (when I used margarine it made the bread stick really bad). I don't love using margarine anyway so that worked out! I'd much rather use the organic unsalted butter from Trader Joe's as long as it's within moderation.

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