Monday, February 15, 2010

Today Show segment

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This segment is pretty short but it just show how word is getting around to get tested for these intolerances because of what they can lead to if not diagnosed properly! 


  1. I love that the gluten free lifestyle has made it onto the Today show, but I have a problem with her comment that intolerance is not as serious as celiacs disease. I recently read an article that said there were NO differences in the health problems between celiacs and people who just have gluten intolerance. (Wish I could remember where I saw it!) The fact remains that whether you've been diagnosed or not, if gluten causes inflammation in you body, it will cause many other health problems. (about 90% of diseases are caused by inflammation.) I'm always trying to get the word out about gluten free living so thanks for letting me vent!

  2. April - I totally agree! I've been finding remarks like that a lot lately and it's aggravating. Gluten intolerance can lead to so many things. It's different in everyone! There's an article I need to post and I'll make sure I do that tomorrow. There are so many people I know, me included, who are not Celiac but cant eat gluten.
    and BTW - I need to post something soon about your bread! It's the best I've ever had! In fact I need to order some for this weekend? I'll be in touch!