Saturday, February 27, 2010

Trader Joe's old school Mac and Cheese

I love eating healthy. But sometimes you need that good ole staple from childhood to make you happy. Trader Joes has a boxed mac and cheese that rivals Kraft. Both are overly cheesy, salty and freakishly orange but satisfy your craving. Trader Joe's uses small elbow rice noodles and they worked really well!
The only thing I'd watch is how long you boil the noodles. It took mine about 3 extra minutes to get to the right tenderness. And if you cook rice noodles often, you know to watch the amount of water because if you don't use enough, you'll have a thick pasty rice mess on your hands.
I love Trader Joe's!

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  1. Thanks April! I want to try and find healthier things for my kiddos (and me), but find it overwhelming! i would love more of your finds at Trader Joes or and Whole Foods!! So proud of you for taking control and going for it!
    Jen Knotts :)