Sunday, February 28, 2010

My first Organic Garden

Well I've decided to try my hand at gardening. No, I don't feel that confident... but I'm definitely motivated and excited by this challenge.
When I started making changes in my diet I realized I needed to not just change the amount of fat, calories, etc. but I needed to know where it came from and how it was made. Organics have begun to play a larger part in my life and while I can't always afford everything organic, I try as much as I can to fit it in the budget. Afterall, if I didn't plan for it ahead of time I'd spend that extra money on an US Weekly and really... I'd rather have less pesticides in my body. Although I do love a trashy magazine from time to time.
Yesterday I bought a badass digging shovel, a ton of seeds, starter mix and a bin for composting. The seeds I bought were Ferry-Morse organic seeds. I even stood at Home Depot googling on my iPhone to make sure these were non GMO and truly organic. Turns out they are, which is why they were $2.25 a pack instead of $1.25. Again, it's all about planning for the expense in my mind. I still believe that growing these herbs and vegetables in my own backyard will be exponentially less expensive and so much more rewarding. It's worth a dollar extra per pack to me.
This is my first try at gardening so I might fail. But I'm really excited about the opportunity to succeed and grow an organic green thumb. A few weeks ago I realized I needed some education on the topic (besides my poor friend Alex who I will be bugging & questioning often) so I went to the library, finally paid my overdue fines and checked out an awesome book. It's called Grow Organic: over 250 tips and ideas for growing flowers, veggies, lawns and more by Doug Oster & Jessica Walliser. I love the library. Here's the book:
So today I'm going to go outside and dig up some earth. It's gonna be great and if nothing else I'm making a readymade mud pit for my lab, Bama. She's gonna love it! I'll test my soil and figure out what I need to add over the next few weeks before I can plant in April. I'm also hoping to get out to a new gardening shop in East Nashville soon with my friend. I'd much rather shop local.
Lots to do! I'm gonna get off the computer and get outside!


  1. I am glad you shared this on FB. Alan and I just made a plan for our garden...and we are first timers, too, so any advice you pick up, please share!

  2. this is so great! i don't know much about gluten, but you've peaked my interest. i'm definitely into the local, in season, organic diet! (i recommend 'animal, vegetable, miracle' by kingsolver) looking forward to your posts!