Sunday, February 14, 2010

Zoe's kitchen & Valentines Day (the movie) with girlfriends

Everyone needs a night out with the girls sometimes and tonight was one of those nights. A group of us went to Zoe's kitchen for a quick dinner and then off to see Valentines Day. We picked Zoe's because it's always known for it's fresh ingredients so I thought since two of us in the group are gluten free, we thought we'd have some good choices! I ended up getting the Chicken Kabobs but had to sub their potato salad for rice. The employee let me know they cook their rice with broth that may not be GF. Thanks to my trusty iPhone I got online and found a GF menu. Sure enough he was right! I would not be able to eat the rice and I'm really glad we checked! It was a great meal and their portions are so large I had enough left over to bring home for lunch tomorrow.
As far as the movie goes... it was really cute. It's something to definitely see with girlfriends and (maybe) a really patient or goodhearted man. It would be a really awkward first (second or third) date movie! Don't do it - You've been warned.

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