Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Great article explaining Gluten

I've had several people ask me about gluten and want to know more. I've posted more details and a few links that describe how I got on this journey in the first post on my blog "Here we go".

In short, I'm not Celiac but I have found out through trial and error that I'm gluten sensitive/intolerant. It causes a myriad of problems, weakens my immune system & aggravates my endometriosis. Since I've been cutting it out of my diet it's made a huge difference.

Sometimes, I talk myself into the fact that I can cheat... but I can't. Case in point was this weekend when I said "I can have PART of this Krispy Kreme donut... it's mainly sugar" hmmm... not so much. The next day was loads of fun for my body and my husband can attest to that. When I haven't had gluten in months, I'm not sure why I was able to talk myself into it. Maybe it was because I didn't know what the gluten was doing to me before. I ate normally just like everyone else and because I didn't have the technical Celiac symptoms, I never thought it could be related to gluten. I thought I just had all these different unrelated problems... but it turns out that what I was eating was weakening my immune system.

That story is why I want to share this link. It's on the Huffington Post and politics aside, while you might love or hate that site it's a good article. Check it out: 

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  1. thanks for the info. it's just unbelievable how much crap is in our food that is actually harmful to our bodies. yet, very believable when i look at how unhealthy our society is. ugh! well, you've definitely caused me to be gluten, thanks! i want to raise lucy on real food!