Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The simplest ingredients can make a great meal

Dinner tonight was affordable, so easy and really good! It's from my favorite cookbook by Bette Hagaman, The Gluten-Free Gourmet Cooks Comfort Foods: Creating Old Favorites with the New Flour. I highly recommend it! I bought it from Amazon: All of my favorite recipes have been from this book and my husband swears they don't taste gluten free. There are also a ton of recipes that never use any form of gluten substitute. They are simple veggie, fruit and meat meals that are good for you!
With the basic ingredients of pork, sweet potato, apple, currant jelly, orange juice and some spices we had a great meal! Sometimes I think we forget about the easy ingredients and how amazing they can taste when combined! 
The sweet potatoes ($3-$4 for a bag of 11) and fuji apples (2.99 for a bag of 6-7) were both organic from Trader Joe's. The currant jelly came from Whole Foods as well as the pork I bought. We got two pork chops for $6.01 and the meat was from a regional farm that uses no antibiotics or hormones.
Overall it was a really economic meal. It made four servings with the two pork chops, two sweet potatoes and one apple. Even if you want larger servings than what we made, it's still a great deal.

p.s. On a completely different note - I need some advice on cameras! Obviously my food photos so far aren't amazing but I'd love to work on that. My poor iphone is doing the best it can. If any of you have recommendations on some good cameras that don't cost me a thousand bucks that would be great :-) Thanks in advance!

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  1. So... cameras... We bought a Canon Rebel XS at Best Buy last fall... they price match to the lowest price even online :-) YAY so we got a good deal... My cousin recommended that one and I like it a lot... my uncle recommends the Canon S20-IS. It seemed to be good to - I just wanted an SLR.

    Also, for food pictures, check out the Pioneer Woman's website - she has really good tips :-)