Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's "Me" night!

As we speak I'm sitting on the couch in PJs drinking a great Pinot and eating a snack of organic pear and manchego cheese:
It sounds snooty - I know... but trust me, it's delicious! I didn't come up with the combo on my own, it's from a great local restaurant named Margot where everything is local and mostly organic. The chef is amazing and has never disappointed with the menu. The husband and I went for brunch one day and this was an appetizer but it also had prosciutto, I just don't have any tonight.
After a couple of bad days this week, it's gotten much better and it helps when you make the conscious decision to not let things get the best of you. Everyone these days is dealing with something and if we all sat around upset about it we'd be a sad community. This week was about feeling and dealing but not wallowing.
I hope some of you get to have a "me" night soon! I'm off to watch mindless TV and read my new Real Simple & Food & Wine magazines.
Look for some posts about progress in the garden tomorrow. I'm hoping it'll be a great weekend to get things done!

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