Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thank you Matteos Pizza!

Today was a long day. Lots going on at work and at the end of the day we had to take Bama (our lab) to the veterinary ophthalmologist. Yes... you heard me right... the canine eye doctor. We got good news though and she doesn't need any medicine or surgery so the day ended well.
But we were all still tired and just didn't feel like cooking. That's when it's hard staying away from gluten... there aren't many options to pick stuff up to eat on a lazy night. That's where Matteo's Pizza comes into play. They are a pizzeria in Cool Springs which makes AMAZING regular and GF pizza. Here's a little about them from their blog ( & website:

Matteo's Pizzeria is a family owned and operated gourmet pizza shop in Cool Springs just outside Nashville, TN.

We offer healthy, home made specialty pizza including only 100% natural ingredients, dairy cheeses, and fresh pizza crust. For you health conscious folks or celiacs, enjoy our gluten free pizzas - our crusts also available for purchase.

Enjoy fresh pizza at reasonable pricing. We offer convenient local delivery and also ship our par baked crusts and pizzas nationally.

Please visit us online at

For the gluten free crusts, you can choose an 8 inch or 10 inch and build your own. It was delicious & affordable:

They don't have a dining room, it's basicly pickup or delivery only because there's just two tables right in front of the pickup counter. My husband & I had eaten there before but it's not really something to plan on!
Thank you Matteos for giving us gluten free options! You can also pick up some great GF cupcakes, brownies & muffins baked by Aunt April's Bakery. She bakes there at Matteo's isolated GF room but also provides the goodies for sale in the pizzeria. You can see more about her here: (She also makes some really great Flax seed bread I pickup at the Green Wagon in East Nashville but that's a whole other post!)
It feels really great to have a business that considers people's allergies but also serves the community 100% natural, quality ingredients!

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